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Who am I?

My name is Daniel.
Born in Germany in 1981 and raised in Saxony, I moved to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern during my vocational training.
After 18 years I'm still happy to live here with my wife and my kids.


I work in the infrastructure team at a German datacenter. This reflects also my personal interests, as I'm reading / trying a lot in areas like network, virtual systems, container and such stuff also in my free time.
All my systems in my home lab and on external servers are Arch Linux based, and I'm experiment a lot with the Hashicorp tools.

Why English?

That's a good question... I think "because it works".

Joking aside, I have a lot of contact with English language because of my job and my interests. So I decide to also use it on my website. That doesn't mean that every content is strictly English, screenshots and such stuff will likely show German text because I do not change my software settings to English just for taking suitable pictures.
And it also doesn't mean that every word is perfectly translated, or the grammar is perfect, but I am trying to write this as best I can.