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From time to time, I play games which I didn't have on my wishlist (but sometimes i did) or even on my "radar".
Mostly these are games which are free, like the weekly games on Epic Game Store, or I brought in a spring|summer|autumn|something else sale. These are games I usually doesn't play to the end, maybe they are not so interesting for me (but enough to give it try), I don't like it that much after playing or doesn't fit in my time plan.
However, besides the ones I played < 1h, this page lists the games I invested some more time.

The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition

played on got it on time spend playing
Epic Games 25.12.2023 15 hours

Got this one for free on the holiday special on Epic Game Store in 2023 for free.
I have to say this one did pleasantly surprise me with his black humor and the freaky story. On the other hand, the game is from Obsidian Entertainment which did a great job on Fallout: New Vegas, so maybe this isn't such a great surprise.
It doesn't fit in my time plan, so I leave it alone after around 15 hours and maybe ¼ of the story.

Need for Speed: Unbound

played on got it on time spend playing
EA App 17.03.2024 7.5 hours

Got this one for €6.99 on the EA spring sale in 2024.
In the first 4 hours i thought this one wasn't worth its money (the 1 hour per € rule) and I only manage to reach the midfield in the racing, and it doesn't feel like one of the good old NFS games like Underground or even earlier titles.
The rivals pop up in front of your own car out of nowhere, and the comic style isn't something I enjoyed, even after disabling the car effects.
After I was able to get a German car, an AUDI S6 Sportback and from now on the tide turned. I won a few races and also pass the first qualification before i turned back to play Starfield.