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Pile of Shame

Besides the completed games I also buy some games which I didn't start until now.
I only buy games which I think I really play and not only because I have the previous title or something.
Over time the stack grows as I'm unable to catch up with the new released games I'm interested in.

Current Stack

The following games are currently not finished or even started.
I've also added an estimated time to complete. To determine this I used the site and look for something between "Main + Extra" and the "Completionist" record ((comp - m/e) / 2 + m/e) as max playtime because, as I mentioned before, I'm a "slow" player.

I'm also not a great fan of preorder games because the past has shown that quite a lot of games are in Beta state when they were released and I don't want to waste the little free time with bugs, crashes or only a marketing story, so sometimes it's better (also for the price) to wait a little bit. On the other hand, there are games which I need to buy anyway because I'm a Fanboy (Bethesda Games) or I'm convinced that the game is great like PC ports of successful console games.

game purchased on est. playtime state
Elex 2 01.03.2022 60 h
Dying Light 2 29.04.2022 75 h
Starfield 13.06.2023 (pre order) 108 h
Horizon Forbidden West (CE) 16.03.2024 (pre order) 88 h
Tiny Tinas Wonderland (CGE) 21.04.2024 38 h
Total Pile 369 h


These games are still on my wishlist and maybe some day...
Some games aren't released yet, but for most of them, I didn't see a time slot for playing them at the moment.
The order is not random, they are in descending order of my interest.

  1. Dragon Age Dreadwolf
  2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2
  3. Diablo 4
  4. Doom Eternal
  5. The Day Beforekind of epic fail