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Assassin´s Creed Valhalla

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item stat
played on Ubisoft Connect
purchased on 03.12.2020
start of playing 10.07.2021
finish playthrough 02.09.2023
est. playtime1 120 hours
time spend playing 82 hours
progress 51 %

Another Assassin´s Creed in such a great setting!
Like I did it in Assassin´s Creed Odysseys, it feels way better to play the game as a female character. Eivor as such a strong main character with her family tragedy all the way up to conquer "Englaland".
Maybe this is also the case why it was so satisfying to meet Kassandra during the Isle of Skye quest line.

But this game is also one wich I leave behind with a tearful eye...I never managed it to see the credits rolling.
This one was way too much for me. It was overwhelming for my play style and my free time and it doesn't work with my estimation of playtime.
As I processed through the game I lost my way more than once (as usual) and so after more than 80 hours in more than two years I still have a progress marker laughing at me at 51 percent.
So I had to admit to myself that if I haven't made it to the end by now, I won't get there either. 😢

Proof of Statistics

So OK...half the game...I did all up to the 90s regions and was on the way to the first 130 region.
I managed it to raise my power level to 259 and so it was relative easy to feel badass with this.
At the end I discovered 51 high points and 19 regions (I guess the Uplay statistic page includes the Isle of Skye, Asgard and Vinland ones).
Through the regions I visit I did all the stuff the map throws at me, Abilities, Cargo, Gear, Alpha Animals, Cairn, Flyting, ... and also the Daughters of Lerion. So yes, I completed the visited regions and I feel a little bit sad I did not complete the rest of the game.
But like a college of me said, if you have one hour of fun for every Euro you payed for the game, this is more than rewarding. I like this point of view, and this is definitely true for this game!

Assassin´s Creed Valhalla Final Stats

As I never warmed up to the first titles of the Assassin´s Creed series more than 15 years ago, I will skip the "Mirage" installment as it seems to much of the back to the roots stuff to me.
So I will wait for another open world RPG installment of the game series, maybe "Codename Red"?
Hopefully i will then mangage this game better when the time comes...

  1. Estimated playtime based on my interpretation of "" stats