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Even though I'm an old hand at gaming, I still like to play video games from time to time.

I'm not really interested in multiplayer games, even though I was able to hit people in the jump with a zoomed sniper scope during the good old UT days, today I have a hard time hitting a barn door with a rocket launcher...
I guess I'm just too old and slow for this kind of games 😅


Most of the time I play story driven games where I can "design" worlds or enjoy open world settings. Things like "Assassin's Creed", "Far Cry", "Dying Light" or gems like "Elex" and "The Riftbreaker" are my favorites. And that's the problem with these games too...
Yes I know, you don't have to turn over every stone, but it's just so much fun to discover what that glowing dot on my map means on the way to the next main quest and of course end up going off the path here.

What does it mean?

So this category shows how I've played through various games and what I've accomplished with them. I'm not a "Completionist" and don't need to collect every single herb or newspaper, but I usually complete all quests, side quests (which have nothing to do with co-op / multiplayer mode) and every task an NPC throws at me. Sometimes it takes months to years to complete a game, but I'm usually very satisfied when I see the credits scenes (and yes, I let them run until the last lines...) and know what I've accomplished.

Additional Note

As I'm playing all the games in German, most of the taken screenshots are with German words.
More info "why?" could be found on the About Section.
It is what it is. 🤷‍♂️