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Division 2 - Character Progression Issue

My Character progress seems to be "broken"

As I'm not a hardcore gamer and because of my limited time for playing, I'm usually playing solo.
However, a few weeks ago I decide to join a Clan just for fun, so I choose an open one and are willing to collect some Clan-EP for us.

In the beginning there was a cool new experience with the clan room and the Clan's Loot Box but last week I discover that most of the time I'm online the systems says "Clan-Server offline".
First, I don't care about it (this is nothing unusual in my eyes, every service could be offline some time) but after a while I began to wonder because the issue persists.


So I spend a little time and observe the issue and I realize that the systems goes online sometimes for a fraction of a second to some seconds.


Mhh...seems not to be a connection issue or something, but I leave it alone and progress to world tier IV.
Yesterday I discover another strange thing, my progressions seems to be broken.


The game told me that I only have 27 of 29 Main Missions done...what? How does that work...


...because I'm meanwhile world tier IV and only Tidal Basin is left on my invasion progression???
So I take a closer look at the White House message board.


Only 3 of 4 on the theater settlement?

div2_22019-7-24-8-15-41.jpg div2_22019-7-24-8-15-47.jpg

That couldn't be as I did all the missions and I definitely have Charles on my rooster.


And I'm also able to enter the Shooting Range.


So what's going on here?

I'm a little scared that something screws up my character progression as the game obviously thinks I did not do all the stuff in the game.
I also reckon that the Clans-Server systems shows offline for me because of the same reason.
Does the game think I never recruit Grace?

So I think I have to open a case at @Ubisoft...

Update 1 - 24.07.19

It seems that I'm not the only one who have something with the Progression.
In the official Forum there is an entry where someone explains the missing theater settlement stuff.

However, I've opened a Case @Ubisoft (#09358793) because of the Clan Server stuff.

Update 2 - 25.07.19

It was also mentioned that the main mission progress was probably upgraded with TU5 and the new main missions (I should read the changelog).

The Division 2 Patch Notes 1.10 TU5

New Main Mission: Manning National Zoo
New Main Mission: Camp White Oak

One of the global moderators also mentioned that the theater settlement issue was forwarded to Devs.

Update 3 - 16.08.19

The issue still persists and Ubisoft told me that my Case was forwarded to the responsible Team.
I have to reopen the case in the meantime because of the (weird) 4 days auto-close mechanism after someone of the support teams answers in the case.
I also think I have to add the information, that this seems also happen to the Matchmaking/Teamplay stuff.
Yesterday I've died in a battle and for the first time ever I call for help in-game. As nothing happens besides the "searching for help" I respawn and there was a notice that the "Team-Server is not reachable".

Final Update - 15.11.19

Over the last 2 Month I visit infrequently the game, mostly in curiosity if the problem still exist.
Yes, the Clan server was permanently offline for me and I reopened the case a few times @Ubisoft always with the same's under investigation.

So after TU6 I've logged in another one and at least the theater settlement was fixed and shows full completion.
The clan stuff was still offline.
I've played a little while and quite accidentally I realize that the system went to online.
As I didn't know how long this lasts, I visit the clan room, took 3 loot boxes and decide to leave the clan for two reasons:

  • I have no clue how often the system is online for me and I don't want to block a place in the rooster
  • I leave the game for playing some other stuff out there

Maybe I will return to the game later, but I have little hope that the systems works for me, and I'm confident that my character is in a "broken" state.
As the Ubisoft Support could not help me with my problem in the past, I don't think that anything changes in the future. So I'm not willing to reopen the case and leave it as it is.