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Dyson Sphere Program

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item stat
played on Steam
purchased on 23.01.2024
start of playing 23.01.2024
finish playthrough 10.03.2024
est. playtime1 155 hours
time spend playing 29 hours
progress 13 %

So...a factory game...
Normally this isn't something I prefer, mainly because of my story driven game favorites, but in the end this is also not the first of its kind.

I tend to give up on such games, mainly because I'm overwhelmed with the endless possibilities and requirements of automating everything. So this was the case on Factorio, which I think I didn't even manage to do for 10 hours and also on Satisfactory which I tried a few times (every new major update) and ended around 20 hours I think.

Also on DSP I was close to give it up after I have halfway automated the red since cubes, I guess after 15 hours, but this time I push myself forward and try to reach and build up an interplanetary transportation route.
In the end, I spend nearly 30 hours in the game and reach my goal to automate yellow science cubes with a titanium smelting farm on a moon nearby with an ILS set up on both worlds.

Proof of Statistics

The 13% is not really an impressive number, it means only 17 of 128 achievements which I have reached. But this is more I thought at the beginning.
I automate the whole stuff up to yellow science, I build an outpost on another planet and also set up a defense line based on laser towers there for not leaving it alone with the dark fog. Also, my Homewold was well protected with some missile and signal towers and an BAB which means there was no need to be around if the enemy starts an attack.

Yes I'm satisfied with my progress and the production works for me even if I have to admit that there is a lot of spaghetti around I think ⅔ of the whole planet.

Dyson Sphere Program Final Stats

As I mentioned before, these kinds of games are not my favorites, but I'm sure that this wasn't my last factory game.
Why? Well, I'm curious about the possibilities to automate all stuff in such game. It's the same with automation in my daily IT business with one big difference... it is not so overwhelming, and I do not give up on it in my tech stack! šŸ˜‰

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