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Horizon Zero Dawn

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item stat
played on Steam
purchased on 11.03.2023
start of playing 12.03.2023
finish playthrough 20.06.2023
est. playtime1 52 hours
time spend playing 71 hours
progress 89 %

A few months back, my son and I watched a Let's Play from Gronkh of this title.
Since I am a very impatient person, I can not just watch, I want to play the game myself. So I decide to give it a try and bought it on sale.
After a few hours in game, I wondered about myself why I left the game aside all this time!
The story is great, the characters are cool and the twists and tragedy is something I really appreciate. Also, the overall setting is fascinating for me and I enjoyed the game more than I thought at first.

Proof of Statistics

So the only stuff I left out was the Hunting Ground stuff, the New Game+ and the hardcore difficulty setting, so i finished the game with 70 out of 79 reachable achievements.
As always I do all the main and side quests in all the areas, the tallnecks, bandit camps, cauldrons, corrupted zones, control towers (there were so much stuff to do!) and all the collectables (vessels, figures, flowers, vantages).

Horizon Zero Dawn Final Stats

As i had a lot of fun with this game, I hope that Guerrilla Games decide to port also the second installment, Forbidden West, to PC!

  1. Estimated playtime based on my interpretation of "" stats