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Far Cry 6

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item stat
played on Ubisoft Connect
purchased on 18.11.2021
start of playing 18.11.2021
finish playthrough 05.01.2023
est. playtime1 48 hours
time spend playing 68 hours
progress 101.8 %

This is also a great title in my eyes!
I liked the characters, the missions and the open world.
It seems that my playtime are not very often and so the completion time for this game is a little long... over one year for finishing an 70 hours game. 🤔
However... I enjoyed the whole game and the story with one or another twist from time to time.

Proof of Statistics

As usual, I've completed all the main stories, the side quests, gran premios, supply quests and also the hidden ending. Every single FND base are captured and also all the checkpoints. All available (impro-) weapons are mine.
I've also collected all USB songs, all roosters and all amigos...what I leave out is to collect ever single chest... I assume that I've collected around 65% while exploring the world.
Furthermore, I'm not sure why the game shows the over 100% completion, but that's what the site says (while the client seems to overflow and show just 1% 😄).

Far Cry 6 Final Stats

Even after this experience, I am sure that the next incarnation of the game series will also find its way into my game library. So Far Cry 7...keep it coming!

  1. Estimated playtime based on my interpretation of "" stats