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The Riftbreaker

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item stat
played on Steam
purchased on 09.12.2021
start of playing 09.12.2021
finish playthrough 05.01.2022
est. playtime1 43 hours
time spend playing 46 hours
progress 100.0 %

Bought as a fun title for in between, the game has developed into a small time-eater (in a good way).
I've collected a bunch of hours in relatively short time as it's fun to build up a base in tower defense style on the one hand and move out with "Mr. Riggs" to smash some creatures on the other.

Proof of Statistics

As it was relative easy to get all the achievements in the game (30/30), I've accepted the challenge and that's the case why I spend more hours in the game as I expected.
Besides the achievements, I maxed out all other stuff in the game like explore the whole research tree and overengineered the base defense to be able to lean back and relax on whatever alien wave pop up outside my walls.

The Riftbreaker Final Stats

Maybe I should think about it and also buy the "Metal Terror" DLC.

  1. Estimated playtime based on my interpretation of "" stats